Detailed Offer

What can I do for you?   Was kann ich für Sie tun?   Que puis-je faire pour vous?

Facilitation, Workshop Design & Training


I co-design and facilitate meetings, webinars and workshops, on/offline: 


For CIRCULAR ECONOMY/Sustainability/Climate Change – see ‘Circular Economy‘ page.


(1-1 and groups)


As a language expert and certified Neuro Language® coach, I design and facilitate workshops on themes such as: Finding your voice in English in a global context, Writing Business English, Improving your Emails, Job interviews, Sustainability, Climate and Circular Economy in English, Climate Fresk game in English (B2+ level), Improving your spoken English, Pitching, Public Speaking Coaching and TEDx training (7 TEDx speakers coached). I often combine me English coaching and sustainability expertise.

As a former CSR and Communications Manager in a large energy group, EDF Group, in the UK and France, I am very aware of communications challenges in the workplace. I have coached CEOs, managers, executives and artists, start-ups, in social enterprises, NGOs, corporates, start-ups and the public sector, online and offline, for over 15 years.

Pricing: email me for a needs analysis and with your budget. 


Editorial, Storytelling & Translation


I help organisations produce meaningful, concise and impactful copy in English.

Recent projects include: proofreading books, reports, academic papers, position papers, communication strategies. See Testimonials for references.

Specialities: As below.

Pricing: per hour, half/day, project/document-based depending on your project.


The digital world means translation often happens via Google translate and other tools. However, if you want a professional, tailored service, and you’re producing  a document for a high-end audience where nuance, register and tone are key, this is unreliable.

My service includes checks with clients, context and audience/client-specific language use (English vs US English for instance). I have an Oxford first class degree in French & German literature, including translation, and 20 yrs living in France, 18 in the UK, and 7 in Germany, and work in all three: this ensures I have  a feel for each language, for nuance and potential linguistic ‘faux pas’.

Recent projects: translating a book on art history from German into English, a study on Circular Economy actors in Europe into English, legal and HR contracts into English and French, Linked in articles.

Specialities: Sustainability and Circular Economy, Energy & Waste, Social Enterprises & Start-Ups, HR, the Arts/Culture, General Business English, Academic English.

Pricing: per word/hour, depending on volume, technicality, timeframe, publication.

Language Coaching & Presentation Skills


Lacking confidence, key expressions or just practice to deliver that presentation, after-dinner talk, keynote speech or TED talk?

Have a look at my references and experiences. I’d be happy to have a chat to see if I can help you or your organisation improve your communication in English, vital to increase the impact of your key messages.

I COACH CEOs, EXECUTIVES, START-UPS, ARTISTS & OPERA SINGERS, NGOs and TED SPEAKERS and students to inspire them to present better in English/French/German.

I can do 1-1, groups and specialised workshops, online, offline and outside, usually in ‘blended’ learning formats since this is more effective.

I can coach in French and German on request, or a mix (I am completely trilingual).

I saidcoaching’ : yes. In 2017, I completed an ICF accredited coaching certificate as a Neurolanguage Coach, using the principles of neuroscience and coaching to transfer language skills and I am part of a network of 900 such coaches. I have the skills to help clients unblock their fears, get them to a positive learning state and understand how they like to learn, and express themselves freely in a language not their mother tongue. I have worked at high level in corporations, so can empathise with the situations and stress that my clients face. I also use my 25 years of singing and voice work and a recent course on sustainability and stand up comedy – humour and impro help to relax and deal with the unexpected.

Specialities: Sustainability and the circular economy, NGOs, Corporate Responsibility, Energy, Waste & Recycling, Social Enterprises & Start-Ups, HR, General Business English, Arts & Culture.

Pricing: individual, group and company rates, from 1 week intensive to several months, mix of languages also possible.

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