Phoebe Blackburn

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About me


Words, words, words! As a child, I collected them, read dictionaries, and wrote letters to pen friends around the globe. 20 years after my first class Oxford degree in Modern Languages, and 7 years after founding Phenomenal Words, I still love to discover new words (salamalecs, éperluette, forçage radiatif in French, recently; in English, slacktivism, coco bonds, covidiot; in German mimosenhaft, postfaktisch, Lebenskünstler, Coronafussgruss).  

My career has always involved communication: motivating people to do things, explaining, moderating, translating across cultures or sectors, writing, conceiving, helping others formulate what they mean, helping them to perform and present in public. I do this in areas I care and know about: Sustainability and Circularity, Energy & Waste, Corporate Responsibility, HR, General Business, Arts & Culture.

Why work with me? My services are creative and adapted to the needs and motivations of clients and learners. My personal values, my corporate and public sector/NGO experience, working both at high-level as a chief of staff, and as an executive, my deep knowledge of French, German and UK culture, and my interest in singing, theatre, literature, travel all help bring creativity to the work I do, building bridges between arts, humanities and the often dry world of business.

Finally, my passion for Circular Economy and supporting the transition to a more circular and humane economy and society is today a prime motivation in my work. I convey this in my approach and in the projects I work on. My multi-sector and creative perspective give me an edge in a competitive market and many clients use several of my services. Try me!

Why ‘Phenomenal Words’? My mission statement to help you to be phenomenal 

Aside the phonetic link with my first name, my job is one where I need to get the words right, help clients and learners find their voice and the right words in English, French and German. I bring in an element of the ‘phenomenal’ using creativity and interactive exercises, on or offline, to motivate participants and their organisations to become truly phenomenal. As regards communicating in a foreign language, whether we like it or not, it is ever more necessary – so we may as well make it fun and relevant, which is also how we learn best. Voilà! Let me now help you and your organisation become phenomenal!

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