Phoebe Blackburn

Multicultural Communication Consultant


More about me


Words, words, words! As a child, I collected words, read dictionaries, and wrote letters to pen friends around the globe. 19 years after my first class Oxford degree in Modern Languages, I still love to discover new words (salamalecs, éperluette, in French, recently; in English, slacktivism, coco bonds, future holder; in German mimosenhaft, postfaktisch, Lebenskünstler). My career has always involved communication, in the corporate and social-profit/public sector and arts sectors: motivating people to do things, explaining, moderating, translating things across cultures or sectors, writing, conceiving, helping others formulate what they mean, presenting and helping others to perform and present in public. I like to do this in areas that I care and know about: Sustainability and ‘green issues’, Energy & Waste, Corporate Responsibility, HR, General Business, the Arts & Culture.

Why work with me? My services are creative and adapted to the needs and motivations of my clients and students. My personal values, my corporate and public sector/NGO experience, working both at high-level as a chief of staff, and operationally, as an executive, my thorough knowledge of French, German and UK culture, and my interest in singing, theatre, literature, travelling all help to shape the work I do. They give it more impact, more nuance, helping me adapt to the client and their unique context. I make bridges between these interests and my work, such as coaching start-ups or interview candidates to present better in public/for TED talks, with voice training exercises and improvisation techniques. These factors give me an edge in a very competitive market where quality is so often lacking. Many clients use several of my services. Try me!

Why ‘Phenomenal Words’?

Aside the phonetic link with my first name, I see my job as one where I need to get the words right, help my students and clients find their voice or the right words in English, French and German. I like to bring in an element of the ‘phenomenal’ using creativity and interactive exercises to motivate participants and their organisations to become truly ‘phenomenal’. As regards communicating in a foreign language, whether we like it or not, it is becoming ever more necessary, so we may as well make it fun and relevant, which is also how we learn best. Voilà! Let me now help you and your organisation become phenomenal!

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